When will I receive my order?

Once you make a payment to your order, we will send a confirmation message to you by email.

After your order has been verified, you will receive your order within the following times depending on your shipping location:

In urban areas: 1-6 working days (regardless of Sunday and public holidays)
In rural areas: 3-10 working days (regardless of Sunday and public holidays)

Does Kakiball offer delivery of goods outside of Malaysia?

Yes, we are offering delivery of goods outside of Malaysia.

How do I know the delivery status of the items I have ordered?

After your order is posted, we will send information tracking the order containing the tracking number to your email.

To learn how to track your order, you can visit these two links: &

Can I take the items I ordered on Kakiball myself?

If you make a payment at Kakiball and want to pick up the item yourself at Kakiball, you can do so by informing, En. Mohamed Tazwid Nordin at +60172993439

Cash on delivery (COD) is not allowed.

All payments must be via the payment system at’s website