X-Munich, Brand to remember!

The MUNICH futsal shoes are world-renowned, and that is, without a doubt, for the quality of their performance. With a classic style, an exceptional softness to the touch thanks to its distinctive kangaroo leather and that resistance that we know they have, the continental MUNICH crossed the Spanish borders many years ago. This line has become one of the most iconic of the brand, respecting the original style, but including a series of changes in each new collection to keep them at the forefront. This is why, year after year, the Continental MUNICH never go out of style. A futsal legend reinvented and ready to conquer any court. The Continental is one of the models most used by futsal professionals around the world. This model is made with kangaroo leather, lined with Cambrele fabric and foam inside with both natural and metallic finishes. It incorporates a thermoplastic buttress made of recycled materials and fibers that allows a perfect support of the foot. This model endures over time and in the legacy of the X brand.

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